Friends of Fort Pierce, Florida
"The Sunrise City"
 Captain Tom Lee
 As a longtime sailor (38 years) on Lake Superior and a professional librarian, I researched the BEST place to live on a sailboat in Florida for the winter. My decision: K-Dock at the City Marina in Fort Pierce. After a trip by water from Michigan to Florida (76 days), I tied up the good sloop WINDSONG at K-Dock. The City Marina was as I expected ... wonderful!
 Being in Fort Pierce made me feel like I had won a grand prize. In fact, I loved living in Fort Pierce so much that I started FRIENDS OF FORT PIERCE. You too, can become a member.
 How to get your Fort Pierce ME TOO pin and MEMBERSHIP CARD:

From Dec. to the end of March, stop by K-Dock (across from the Manatee Center) at the Fort Pierce City Mareina.  I am on the sailboat with the University of Michigan Flag, Slip 19.   Get your membership card and pin for free.   Between April and November, send your name and mailing address (plus $5 to cover costs) to Tom Lee, 500 Lakeshore Drive, Ontonagon, MI 49953
 The history of the ME TOO pin goes back to my grandfather, author Edward Edson Lee, who published 50 adventure books under the pen name of LEO EDWARDS.
   Leo's books were written primarily for teenage boys. To become a member of The Secret and Mysterious Order of the Freckled Goldfish, readers were asked to send the author a 2 cent stamp to cover cost. Members were sent a membership card, and a ME TOO pin with a freckled goldfish wearing a top hat. Thousand of kids from across the United States joned in the early 1900s.

Living on a sailboat at the Fort Pierce City Marina
If you would like a ME TOO mug or a ME TOO t-shirt, please e-mail me.

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