How our CJ-5 Jeep is connected to the serial killer Jeffery Dalmer!

From the book Hunt to Kill ...

    Steve Tuomi a 1981 graduate of Ontonagon Area High School (in Ontonagon, MI) left Ontonagon after high school for either higher education or a taste of urban civilization.  A few ultimately return to live, but almost all return to visit.  Tuomi was the exception.  He would never return.

    A gental, mild-mannered young man, Tuomi never really had a chance in Ontonagon because he was gay.  He did not flant it and, in fact, had a "steady" girlfriend for a while.  He did auto body work for his father.  He liked to party, and he tried to fit in, but he was regularly beaten by intolent bullies.  Ontonagon was not the place for him.  He longed for a placew big enough to enable him to both lose himself and find himself.

    Tuomi's destination was Milwaukee, the closest metropolitan city.  He could life his life the way he choose without enduring the glaring microscope of his boyhood home.  He had an artistic bend, but never pursued it.  He tended bar.

    The exact details are hazy, but Toumi was last seen on September 15, 1987.  His older sister Dawn, checked his appartment and found all of his clothes in place.  She checked where he worked and found uncashed paychecks.  As time went by his farher Walter hired a private detective to investigate his whereabarts.  Not a clue was left behend.

       Steven Tuomi is buried in Ontonagon

    No one relalizied at the time that Steve Tuomi had the misforture of having met the serial killer Jeffery Dalmer and would become one of his victims.

    At the time of Tuomi's death Mararet and I were living in the Gorman House Beach House.  John Sanders the new president of the nearby White Pine Copper Mine and his wife Willa were living in the Gorman House.
     The CJ-5 Jeep was in bad shape as well as an old MG Midget.  One night I got a knock at the door.  There were two old guys who I did not know.  One of them said the he had heard I had an Old MG and wanted to buy it for "parts."  He said he and his son had been restoring a MG, and he wanted to finish the job in memory of his son who had died.

    At the I had no idea of who he was.  I said I would not sell my old MG, but would give it to him for work on the CJ-5.  He agreed to do it .... and off he went with both vehicles.

    It was a very informal deal.  Some weeks went by.  Then one day the CJ pulled up work fine.  It was only later that we realized connection with Dalmer.

    At some later date I saw a yellow MG driving around Ontonagon.  And then it was gone.  So the parts went to a good cause.

    The CJ-5 is still in use .....

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