Many of these photos are from Leo's personal photo album. (TG Lee)

Here is the only picture of Leo and his mother Mary Emelia Cannon Lee. It was probably taken in Utica, Illinois.

While this picture was unlabeled in Leo's scrapebook, we belive that it is of his father Eugene Henry Lee.

Picture of Hi-Lee Cottage (in winter) on Lake Ripley near Cambridge, Wisconsin. (It was really built as a summer cottage and not intended for winter living. My family spend a number of winters at Hi-Lee ... and it was a chore to keep it warm. I remember my father (Eugene Edward Lee Sr.) putting bales of hay around the foundation.

Another picture of Hi-Lee in winter.

Picture of Hi-Lee cottage in summer down by the lake. Left to right: Gladys Tuttle Lee, Eugene Lee Sr., Old Joe (The Real Tuffy Bean), and Leo .... all with feet in the water.

This picture taken in front of Hi-Lee is labeled as "Leo and the Gang!" Note Leo's great boots! Also note window just behind Leo. From the inside of Hi-Lee there was a "secret door" to that small bedroom. Typical of Leo's sense of humor.

Publicity photo of Leo Edwards provided by Grosset and Dunlap. Signed "Your Pal Always ... Leo Edwards."

One of Leo's houses near St Petersburg, Florida that he used in winters.

Leo on Beach in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Gladys Tuttle Lee and Leo on beach in Florida. Persons on right are unknown.

Gladys watering a tree of some kind at their Florida home. Note Leo's car in background.

Another of Leo's Homes that he had in Florida.

Farm of Eugene Tuttle near Bailout, Wisconsin, where Leo married Gladys Evaline Tuttle. Farm stayed in the family for many years, in later years run as a dairy farm, run by a tenant. After Leo's death Gladys lived in the Tuttle home in Bailout where Eugene moved when he retired ... but he still kept the farm. One time my my grandmother Gladys asked if I wanted the farm. Since I was about to "take off" for college ... I couldn't see being a dairy farmer. Maybe a mistake!

Picture of Leo and Gladys and friends on a bench in Lake Mills .... not far from Cambridge, Wisconsin.

Another Lake Ripley Picture. Gladys, Leo and unknown girl in what I believe is a canoe on Lake Ripley. Note Hi-Lee banner on front.

One of my favorite pictures of Leo and a "gang" of kids in front of the back porch at Hi-Lee Cottage.

Great winter storm shot near Cambridge, Wisconsin in the great storm of 1927.

Another shot ... with Leo in the picture.

Another picture probably taken around the same time. Labeled "bathing". It looks like my grandmother Gladys in window, observing the two boys.

Picture of "The Island" on Lake Ripley ....made famous in Jerry Todd and the Oak Island Treasure. Actually it was more of a peninsula with Lake Ripley on one side and very swampy land on the other. My brother Eugene and I used to played there often. It was once used a scout camp and we used to canoe over at night to pull down tents and cause other "trouble."

One of Leo's many cars. He had one of the first automobiles in Bailout, Wisconsin. This picture was probably taken at Hi-Lee.

Another car with Leo at the wheel. Picture taken in Florida.

Storyland, Leo's writing studio near Hi-Lee Cottage. Later it was rented as a housekeeping cabin and renamed Hi-Ho. Once while up in the arctic my brother and I found a number of the original Freckled Goldfish Pins that had fallen through the cracks in the acetic floor.




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