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Recent News

New Leo Edwards Letters! [02.17.07]
I'm proud to report that we've been in contact with relatives of Bert Salg who have shared two letters (Letter one / Letter two)that reveal some fascinating insights into the relationship between the author and the artist, including some information on a proposed radio project about Jerry Todd and his Gang. See: the Letter Section

Two Stan Lee interviews name Leo Edwards as influence [02.18.07]
As Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics in the 1960s and 1970s, Stan Lee redefined the modern superhero, revived a dying industry, created a mythology and in the process became a cultural icon. With a bullpen of artists including Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, Stan introduced the world to Spider-Man, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four, the Silver Surfer and countless others.

New Article [02.19.07]
Leo Edwards and His Giggling Pen
By Fredric Brewer. Article from The Wisconsin Academy Review, 1991.

New Article [01.15.07]
Bob Anderson Remembers Leo Edwards, Chapter 1
By Bob Anderson, long time fan of Leo Edwards.

New Publication [10.12.03]
Utica, Illinois celebrated it's sesquicentennial in 2002 and published a booklet containing a history on the town where Leo spent nine years of his youth. Read what the book has to say about Leo.

Elizabeth (Gates) Lee (1913 - 2002)
We are saddened to report the death of Elizabeth Lee, wife to Eugene "Beanie" Lee. Read her obituary here.

New Article [11.10.03]
Thanks to Rick Coleman of Utica, we received a recently published news article: Boyhood Tales: Popular author of 1920s, '30s used his memories of Utica in penning kids' book series.

New Article [10.12.03]
The Landers and Sons General Store in Utica, Illinois: Inspiration and workplace used by Leo in the Andy Blake books.

New Article [10.04.02]
We recently recieved permission from children's author, Betsy Byars, to republisher her article "Leo Edwards and the Secret and Mysterious Order of the Freckled Goldfish".

Dust Jacket Cover Gallery
A real find for collectors is a book of Leo's with the original dust jacket. We assembled a gallery of all the covers.

Photo Album
Here you'll find all of the pictures from this site and more.

Leo's Shelby, OH house found![08.25.02]
Due to the investigave prowess of Fred Reid the house that Leo lived in while in Ohio has been located. test

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