Leo Edwards: Letters


My dear little friend "Gee":

I'll bet you can't guess who I am?

Well, I'm Danny Daddles.

And what do you think?--I'm coming over to your house to live. Yes, sir, you bet I am. You and I are going to have a lot of fun playing together.

Your daddy has asked me to go over to grandmas with him, and I said right away quick: "You bet I want to go. I like little "Gee" and I know he'll find a lot of fun playing with me."

So when your daddy come over, which will be in a few days, I'm coming with him. I suppose he'll pack me away in his traveling bag. Maybe he won't , though, for he knows that I like to see where I'm going and if he keeps me packed away I won't get a chance to look out of the car window.

Now be a good boy---like you generally are---and you'll have your old friend Danny Daddles with you as soon as your daddy comes over to Grandma's house.

I'll expect you to show me Old Gray and Jack and the strawberry bed and Grandma's flowers, and all the other things that you see every day.

Be sure and look for me when daddy comes over.

Your friend,