Leo Edwards: Letters


Shelby, Ohio, November 10, 1920

My dear Pal Shorty:

Much obliged for your nice letter. When I saw the envelope I said: "hope it’s a letter from Gee." Sure enough it was---and a pretty nice letter, too.

Sunday I wrote you TWO stories about Old Fiddle Fig and The Great Jade. I sent them to you Monday noon, and I suppose you have them and ma has read them to you.

In your next letter you can tell me how you like Old Fiddle Fig and the Doodle Birds.

Last week I sent you two funny things that I bet you didn’t know what they were when you received them. But I imagine grandpa told you. Do you remember just before you went back to Beloit I told you about seeing a big, green worm building a little house around herself? Well, that green worm is in one of those funny things I sent you. And there is another big green worm in the other one.

You place these things where it is cold for a couple of months, then bring them in the house and hang them in the sunny window, in a warm room, and after a while a beautiful butterfly will come out.

So your pigeon got away from you. I can picture grandma getting a ladder out and climbing around on the room to get it for you. Maybe some day, little man, you’ll appreciate what wonderful things grandmothers, like your grandmother, are.

I had a nice grandmother when I was a little boy, and sometime I will tell you how I went to visit her one summer and how I learned to fight bumble-bees and there was a boy next door who had a Shetland pony and one night that pony climbed the stairs to the hayloft and we worked all day getting him down. He could get up himself, but he couldn’t get down, and w didn’t seem to be able to help a great deal.

I am still writing on Advertising Andy. I have another story about completed, then I have tow more to write and the first book, of 50,000 words, will be complete. Next year I am going to write the second Advertising Andy book, and then third one. That will finish with Andy, I believe. He’ll be a man, then, and boys won’t care so much about his adventures.

In one of the stories I am going to tell something about Fiddle Fig. It’s going to be a queer story. You’ll like it.

Got to go to work now, old top. Write again. Lots of love.